Motel Faces

I joined Motel Faces, a Cincinnati, Ohio based rock quartet in early 2019. Immediately diving into the energetic live shows, touring across the midwest. We’ve already begun working on new material, and hope to hit the studio later this year. Below you can listen to the album the band put together before I joined to get a taste.



Go Analog

I began performing with Go Analog in late 2013. Ever since joining we have released a new EP, and performed at a number of regional and national festivals and shared the stage with the Barenaked Ladies, Gin Blossoms, Fastball and Lieutenant (featuring Nate Mendel of Foo Fighters) just to name a few.


Drunkabillies logo.jpg

The Drunkabillies

What started out as a few jokes in Athens, Ohio, became a full fledged project in late 2010. An ongoing side project, The Drunkabillies takes country, irish and punk, and mixes them all into one crazy audible party. The Drunkabillies have shared the stage with Larry & His Flask and The Whiskey Daredevils (...noticing a theme here?)



The Ordnance

Starting as a cover band to play parties around Ohio University, quickly turned into an intense live group. Taking the energy from our live shows, and redirecting that we created some great rock and roll. The Ordnance shared the stage with national acts including Cinderella, Maylene & The Sons of Disaster, and Parlor Mob. Not being limited to the stage, the track "Bottom Feeders" was featured in the motion picture The Entitled starring Ray Liotta.